1970 Fork Union 55th Class Reunion

2025 Dates To Be Announced

In September of 1969, we were a varied group of High School students.

Some of us were first time students, arriving with great trepidation; we may have come on our own volition, or our parents may have decided that military school was necessary or would be of help to us.

Some of us had attended the previous year or years. If we were chosen to be a leader, we arrived earlier than the rest of our class.

In any event, we came with preconceived ideas of how the year would treat us. We may have changed direction many times during our stay but hopefully exceeded our goals and ambitions by graduation.

By graduation in 1970, we lived through an experience and made friends which would remain with us for the rest of our lives.

As we approach another anniversary of our graduation, we have an opportunity to relive many of those memories as we gather with classmates. We hope that you will be here with us.

Your Class Agents are:

Dennis Quinn, James Brotherton and Brian Stankie‚Äč