Robert Kirkwood Spencer, A Man Of Many Talents

Robert Kirkwood Spencer, among students most favorite teacher, has passed away.
Robert Kirkwood Spencer
Robert “Bobby” Kirkwood Spencer was born in 1935 and is the son of Kirkwood A. Spencer and Louise P. (Pitts) Spencer. Bobby was raised in Scottsville and is a 1953 graduate of Scottsville High School. Bobby attended the University of Richmond and earned his degree in English. Then he attended Wake Forest University and earned a master’s degree in divinity. Bobby began a 31-year career at Fork Union Military Academy in Virginia where he taught English as well as psychology, sociology, and religious studies. He has lived a life full of many interests in which he excels including co-founder of Scottsville Museum, former Mayor of Scottsville, and gifted magician.

To learn more about Bobby Spencer’s history and life in Scottsville, visit: Robert Kirkwood Spencer.

Over the decades far too many of our classmates have passed away. Some died in the military protecting our freedom and some to disease. All passed away before their time.

Where possible, there is a link to their obituary.

Mr. Stephen Ellis Aldridge
d. 11/05/2001
Mr. Don Alford
d. 01/28/2020
Mr. R. C. Angley
Mr. Charles Frank Bearoff
d. 04/17/2006
Mr. William Van Cabaniss
d. 11/16/2015

Mr. James Henry Carr
d. 09/15/2004
Mr. Mark William Crawford
d. 10/02/2011
Mr. Robert Lee Huff
d. 05/14/2018

Mr. Kenneth Leonard Johnson
Mr. Peter Tibor Paszty
Mr. Herman "Dutch" Poggemeyer, III
d. 10/26/1995
Mr. Robert Harold Rich
d. 02/18/2003
Charles Nelson Stricklin
d. 03/2015
Mr. Stephen Taylor
Mr. John Garland Wagner
d. 06/12/2008
Mr. Van Otho Wilkerson
d. 03/1991
Mr. Jeffrey Wayne Williams
Mr. Charles Owen Wilson
d, 09/04/2020

Mr. Alex Patrick Woskob
d. 06/19/1976