If it has been a while since you have visited the campus, there are some major changes.

  • All upper School barracks are gone and the new barracks building is where the infirmary used to be.

  • The Junior School barracks is closed.
  • The Junior School gymnasium is gone and is now green space.
  • The Supply Department which once was in the PX building is now behind Hatcher Hall.
  • The basement of Hatcher Hall used to be the mess hall. Now cadets eat at the cafeteria located past the Junior School. No more waiters or soda either!

  • The old library building has been repurposed and the new library is next to the cafeteria.
  • There is new seating at the old stadium and a media area allowing for video and broadcasting of games.
  • The Thomas Gymnasium still stands and the basketball court has been refitted and dedicated to Coach Arritt.

  • The pool in the basement of the Thomas Gymnasium is now closed and the locker room repurposed.
  • The new Estes multi-function sports complex is on the far side of the Thomas Gymnasium with a new pool.

  • A Veterans Memorial is at the highway side where old Memorial Hall once stood.

  • The Fork Union Motel is long gone and is now green space and parking.
  • Some cadet uniforms have changed for various reasons.
  • On the Interstate between Richmond and Charlottesville there are now signs at the Fork Union exit.

Even with these many changes, you will still recognize the campus and memories will appear as you walk around.

  • The PX is pretty much the same.
  • The mail room is in the same place.
  • The main floor and upper area of the Thomas Gymnasium is the same (with a new floor).
  • The view of the football and baseball fields from the stadium is the same.
  • Hatcher Hall and the reception area is the same.
  • The chapel is still impressive and the same.

  • The circle has been updated a bit but you will have to look carefully to see how.